AntiPrism 0.9.7 Release Notes

We are proud to present our first public beta-release of AntiPrism 0.9.7 based on OpenELEC 4.1.6 fork. It is a stable platform with the latest anonymizing, security and encryption components.

AntiPrism 0.9.7 features:

  • seamless high-performance integration with XBMC/Kodi
  • English and Russian user interface
  • support for Cryptsetup and TrueCrypt file system containers with robust recovery and backup tools
  • AppArmor-based protection of keys, messages and other private data
  • advanced IPTables firewall rules
  • Tor protocol obfuscation with Obfsproxy protocols obfs2 and obfs3
  • I2P bootstrapping via optionally obfuscated Tor
  • filtering of web ads and other malicious content with Privoxy
  • built-in anonymized Links web browser
  • GnuPG for building Web Of Trust
  • I2P-Bote secure messaging system with GnuPG-protected contacts exchange
  • XBMC/Kodi plugins for I2P, GnuPG, Links and TrueCrypt
  • configurable SSH password
  • OpenVPN server with a shared static key retrievable via SSH
  • automatic verified software updates from the AntiPrism website

Download AntiPrism from its GitHub repository –

The ongoing AntiPrism development is concentrated on the following topics:

  • anonymized secure voice and video chat
  • “onion router” functionality
  • configuring and hosting hidden .onion and .i2p websites within AntiPrism
  • support for customized hardware with AntiPrism pre-installed
  • secure smartphone-based remote control application for the AntiPrism media-center
  • localization for other languages

Stay with us for more features to enjoy!

For more information, check out the AntiPrism forums –
or email to

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